Radiodetection Servicing

Zenith Survey and Safety Equipment are proud to be one of the select few UK Radiodetection Service Centres.


When you choose Zenith to service your Radiodetection equipment, you can be sure of a first class service. We are audited and supported by Radiodetection with our safety team trained and approved to service, repair or calibrate the full range of Radiodetection cable avoidance tools (CAT), signal generators (Genny), cable locators and metal detectors.

Work Safely

All Zenith's sites across the UK have manufacturer installed test beds, and a Radiodetection ITCC rig for calibration of CAT3 and CAT4 instruments is at our head office in Ossett. This means you can trust in a quality service provided by our top technical team and rely on us to ensure your equipment is operating correctly.

Zenith have one of the largest number of technicians trained by Radiodetection themselves taking good care of your safety equipment so you can always be sure you're following legal requirements and working safely on site.

Minimise Downtime

Radiodetection's specification dictates annual servicing to follow legal requirements. The Zenith team are all aware how annoying downtime can be and always do our best to keep this to a minimum so that you can be back up and running with your Radiodetection safety equipment as soon as possible.


All instruments will be supplied with a traceable calibration and test certificate upon passing calibration.

Contact us, use our Book a Service page or dial 01924 263346 and a member of the team will organise the service, repair or calibration of your Radiodetection equipment for you, with full UK wide collection and return delivery available.


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