Leica SmartStation

Leica Geosystem SmartStation integrates GPS (GNSS) with a high-end TPS Total Station. Running powerful VIVA software, the Leica SmartStation eliminates the need for control points, traverses and resections as its position is obtained via GNSS. Simply set up where required and the intuitive software guides you through the SmartStation setup.

The Leica Total Station controls the complete operation with all your TPS and GNSS data stored in the same VIVA database in the same memory location. All your data is displayed on the same screen with no need for external cables or batteries as everything is integrated and ready to go.

How you operate SmartStation is up to you. For example, you can use SmartStation when there are no control points available. Once SmartStation is accurately positioned, take off the SmartAntenna, put it on a pole, and use it with the Leica Viva CS10 or CS15 controller as a fully-fledged RTK rover. This modular Total Station with GPS system is completely flexible.

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