Leica Captivate Total Stations

Be captivated with these powerful Leica Total Stations featuring new Leica Captivate Software, allowing you to collect data and stakeout better than ever before.

Leica Captivate is a revolutionary new software system for Leica MultiStations such as the new MS60 and Total Stations including the new TS16 range. Creating the most realistic 3D renderings from your data, Leica Captivate Software utilises familiar touch technology and Apps.

With the new Leica Captivate Software, you can capture and manage complex data like never before. Simple swipe and touch screens combined with powerful Captivate software, the next generation of Leica Geosystems’ famous high-precision measurement instruments are here.

More information? Check out our Introduction to Leica Captivate or our Leica Captivate HOW TO Guides.

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