At Zenith, we offer a complete range of laser levels to suit every application and budget. From spot and line lasers to construction and pipe lasers, it’s not always easy to tell which laser you need for which job. Our quick guide will help you find the solution.

Fixed Beam Lasers

Fixed beam lasers include cross line lasers and spot beam lasers extensively used for interior applications such as tiling, wall partitions, ceiling, flooring and other interior fittings. 

Rotating Lasers

Suitable for general construction, rotating lasers provide a 360° laser line over long distances. The range starts with basic horizontal laser levels such as the Datum STARTER or the Leica Rugby 610 with some models such as the Leica Rugby 640 also providing a vertical beam and additional functionality.

Grade Lasers

Grade lasers offer the best accuracy and reliability on site for construction and machine control applications where precise grade control is required. Single grade and dual grade lasers are available from Datum and Leica Geosystems.

Pipe Lasers

Installing pipes requires specific fall and alignment to ensure correct flow is achieved. Leica Piper pipe lasers are robust for use in gravity flow pipe lines, storm and sewer construction or anywhere line and grade is required. The Leica Piper series is the only pipe laser that fits inside a 100mm (4") pipe.


What else Should You Consider?

Various accessories and upgrades are available for your laser level such as the laser detector for extending the working range of the laser and for using the laser in lighting conditions where it may be difficult to see the laser beam.


  • Datum Line Laser

    Datum DPL360

    from £195

  • Datum Dual Grade

    Datum Dual Grade LR Laser Level

    £955.00 £750

  • Datum STARTER

    Datum STARTER

    from £395

  • Leica Rugby 880 Grade Laser

    Leica Rugby 880

    from £1939