Total Stations have become the pinnacle instrument for every surveyance or construction project. These multipurpose surveying instruments outweigh the pros of a traditional Theodolite, surpassing measurement capabilities based on Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM). They can measure distance, angles and elevation with a high level of precision, with the only downfall being the price and level of training required. Nevertheless, in recent years Total Stations have become far more accessible to the general market, with the cost of ownership and user-friendly convenience improving with the advancement of technology. So how does it get any better for a Total Station? The answer is robotic.

With a standard Total Station, such as the Leica Flexline series, two operators are required to work the machine – with one person at the instrument and one person looking with a prism. While this traditional way of working is reliable, Leica Robotic Total Stations running Captivate allow extensive functionality including image capture and link to points, coding and line work, DXF import and export and CAD backcloths. This allows the user to have all the information at their fingertips and a toolbox for collating data – hence the need for only one operator at a time.

Cutting-edge Robotic Total Stations deliver significant advantages over their predecessors. Users will immediately notice the benefits of upgrading to one owing to a number of factors.

  • Remote operation. Gone are the days of two-person jobs. Operators can be situated where the work is located instead of at the instrument, helping to prevent any mistakes. This means users can quickly perform far more calculations and inspections in less time – increasing profit and productivity.
  • Increased output. On average, you are able to survey and set out four times the amount of points with a Robotic Total Station.
  • Higher quality. The substantial increase in productivity results in increased inspection points, thus accommodating for better quality calculations and less rework. 
  • Solid investment. Users may be paying more initially, but the investment of a Robotic Total Station far exceeds the price tag. A higher productivity, with high quality results, cost saving on labour and little rework means greater satisfaction from the customer, an outstanding reputation and more projects under the belt. A Robotic Total Station soon pays for itself.

 When it comes to surveying instruments, set your sights high with a Robotic Total Station. They are supreme in terms of data processing, precision and reliability – no longer are results hindered at the mercy of human error. The only decision one has to consider now, is of course, which Robotic Total Station is right for you? Below are some of our best total stations we have to offer:


The Leica Viva TS13 Total Station

The Leica TS13 is a mid-range Robotic Total Station. It is a scalable instrument, powered by Leica Captivate field software and can be connected to a Leica CS20 Field Controller. Upgrade the TS13 at any time to benefit from additional functionalities.

The Leica TS13 Total Station provides a fast, reliable and efficient solution, tailored to the user’s measurement requirements. Equipped with Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) technology and the optional target lock and SpeedSearch, the Leica TS13 is able to find and lock on to prisms quickly for precise calculations. Combined with Leica Captivate Field Software, the TS13 offers a simple and productive solution for coding and line work.

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The Leica Viva TS16 Total Station

The Leica Viva TS16 Total Station has the most comprehensive imagining capabilities, exceeding your expectations even when working on complicated jobs. The TS16 automatically adapts to any environmental conditions and locks onto only your target – ignoring any field diversions.

Cover a variety of applications with the TS16 seeing just what you see. With the most comprehensive imaging capabilities available, you can capture exact conditions for any jobsite with the self-learning capability of this total station. Available in Imaging (TS16i) and Non-Imaging versions (TS16), with configurations including one-person systems that utilise the new Leica Captivate CS20 Controller and CS35 Tablet PC.

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The Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station

Topcon’s GT series of Robotic Total Stations are quicker, smaller and more superior to their predecessors in every way – and the GT-505 is no exception. It is a high-performance instrument that delivers an exceptional solution to position and distance measurement, reaching new heights with its compact system and innovative UltraSonic technology.

UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the GT Series, users can see and hear the difference immediately. The UltraSonic motors are the fastest available in the market - at 180 degrees per second it's the smoothest and most accurate prism-tracking available.

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The Trimble Robotic S5 Total Station

The Trimble S5 Total Station is built upon proven Trimble technologies like SurePoint, MagDrive and our DR Plus EDM, helping you work more efficiently while maintaining the highest accuracy possible. Smooth and silent, Trimble MagDrive Electro-Magnetic technology means fewer moving parts, which reduces servicing requirements. Trimble SurePoint ensures accurate pointing and measurements by actively correcting for unwanted movements like wind, handling, and sinkage. The Trimble DR Plus EDM allows you to measure with fewer instrument set-ups and enhance your direct reflex performance.

The Trimble S5 Total Station provides the foundation for Trimble's Integrated Surveying solutions. With Integrated Surveying, you can seamlessly integrate complementary technologies on the job site, such as Trimble GNSS receivers and optical measurements.

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