Are you ready to Be Captivated? Leica Geosystems launch the revolutionary Leica Captivate Software.

The new touch technology software lets you interact with data like never before. Create the most realistic 3D models, capturing and managing complex data with ease and accuracy.

Leica Captivate is much more than a surveying tool with the technology to support the world's first self-learning MultiStation and Total Stations. With a simple touch of the screen, you can navigate through the easy-to-use and fully customisable apps containing information for multiple projects.

The innovative software is an interactive experience designed around the user with 3D models you can manipulate with zoom, pan and orbit for the optimal view. For measurement professionals across various industries, there is nothing like Leica Captivate for engaging software, precision measurement instruments and a service you can rely on.

The new Leica Total Stations and Leica MultiStation have Leica Captivate software onboard and are optimised with the fifth generation of ATRplus for a more efficient operation, ignoring distractions in the field and locking on to only your target. The self-learning instruments adjust to any environment and deliver the best accuracy no matter how challenging the conditions.

The new instruments available to order now from Zenith include the Leica MS60 MultiStationLeica TS60 Total Station, Leica TS16 Total Station, Leica CS20 Leica Controller and Leica CS35 Tablet Controller.