Fall protection is an imperative priority on every project that requires Working at Height, however, cold weather and icy conditions increase the risks of falls and injuries – here’s our quick guide for staying safe this winter!

Working on-site can be an extremely dangerous job, with high safety risks surrounding both you and individuals around you. When Working at Height or in hard-to-reach Confined Spaces, the safety risks soar – especially in cold, icy conditions. Safety improves quality, so it is essential that every worker has a thorough knowledge of the Health & Safety procedures and uses the correct equipment for personnel to carry out the task efficiently and safely.

At Zenith Survey, our specialist team can advise you on the correct procedures when working in these hazardous conditions on 07534 800 734, alternatively, take a look below at our quick guide to fall protection!


Harnesses & Lanyards – the first line of defence

Dangers surrounding Working at Heights are one of the biggest causes of personal injuries and fatal accidents in the workplace, as a result safety harnesses and lanyards are fundamental to an operative’s well-being.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting your harness is picking one that is specifically designed for the operation. Wearing the wrong harness could result in injury – or in the worst case scenario, a fatality. Users need to observe their surroundings and work environment, choose a harness that is suitable for their industry and ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.


Is the user working on scaffolding?

Maybe the work involves powered access platforms or going down into hard-to-reach Confined Spaces? Differing harnesses and lanyards suit varying applications. When working on scaffolding or on a roof, it is imperative to include a harness and lanyard that comes with a large double action snap hook – providing increased strength and durability should a user fall. With powered access platforms, a work restraint system should be in place. A full body harness and restraint lanyard will limit movement, allowing for increased balance and stability whilst on the machine. In a Confined Space, visibility can become an issue. When sight is restricted, there is an immense increase to the risk of falling or slipping; selecting a harness with reflective yarn woven into the webbing will extend the line of sight and help create a safer work environment.

Another crucial step in determining the right harness is identifying the wearer. Most harnesses are universal in size, however, should a wearer be quite small in stature, a harness that is easily adjustable and lightweight would best suit their requirements.

Attachment points on a harness must be considered. The five attachment points on a harness are on the back, chest, two on the hip and one on the abdomen. The number of attachment points you require depends on the job you’re working on, different attachment points have their own benefits – workers can opt for one or two attachments for freedom of movement or four or five for working at an angle or attaching a descender device.

Comfort should also be a factor when working, padding and webbing allows for ease and dexterity on the job – so wearer’s won’t feel restricted and can concentrate on their work with content, which in turn lowers the risk of one rushing on a job and possibly falling as a result. 

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Working at Heights & Confined Space Training – tackle the winter months with skill

Working at Height and in Confined Spaces exposes an individual to a range of potential hazards, some of which result in fatalities. Having the right skills and knowledge to avoid accidental falls and injuries are beneficial for every worker, that’s why there’s a range of training courses to suit different work environments.

Our affiliate ESS Safeforce is able to tailor their Working at Height training courses to a particular industry or working method and will provide the essential skills and knowledge needed to manage Work at Height Operatives, operate a Safe System of Work or to effect a safe and swift evacuation or rescue. ESS Safeforce can assist you in choosing the right safety training solution for your requirements and environment every time, whilst providing on-going re-certification and Work at Height support.

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ESS Safeforce is the market leader in Confined Space Training, training over 35,000 delegates per year. Their nationwide training facilities include a custom made tunnel labyrinth, ensuring delegates gain quality experience within a safe and controlled environment, and all courses are led by a qualified trainer that will educate you on the procedures and equipment needed to remain safe when working in a Confined Space. Alternatively, they can provide Confined Space Training at your own premises with their fleet of Mobile Confined Space Training Units in the North and South of the UK.

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Be Properly Prepared with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is absolutely paramount. “PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. It can include items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear and safety harnesses. It also includes respiratory protective equipment (RPE).” (Source: HSE)

PPE is perfectly designed to ensure that the wearer is protected against any health or safety risks when on the job, whether it be for your head, hands, feet and beyond. The working environment is a battlefield and you need to be effectively armoured up – our specially designed products include safety helmets, hard hats, gloves, high-visibility clothing and safety footwear.
- Head Protection

Head protection is required in almost every industry that involves applications such as utilities, scaffolding and construction. They are critically important when Working at Height or in Confined Spaces, as those who fall are susceptible to head injuries, should personnel choose not to wear head protection. Our safety helmets have been designed with comfort and performance in mind, from standard safety helmets to full face shields.

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- Protective Clothing

On these dark, winter evenings, it’s important to be visible – especially on the job. Protective clothing also shields the wearer from the elements owing to their waterproof material and seams. We supply a range of protective clothing with high visibility, ensuring safety procedures are followed on-site and the wearer has defence against cuts and bruising should they fall.

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- Foot Protection

The safety footwear you choose can make all the difference when working in hazardous conditions, which is why we stock a variety of work footwear to provide full protection, whether it be against the elements to falling objects or ensuring oil and slip resistance.

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- Hand Protection
Workers need gloves that ensure comfort, safety and adaptability in the workplace. Ice causes slippery surfaces, such as hand rails and ladders, and gloves give the wearer the tough grip they need to avoid any slip or fall. Our hand protection range is not only great protection against the frosty elements, but they also provide the ultimate dexterity so workers can concentrate on the job at hand.

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The JSP PowerCap ® Infinity ® Respirator – the game-changer in RPE & PPE!

With 4-in-1 protection, the modern PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator delivers for the ultimate safety solution. The very latest in PAPR technology, this innovative head mounted unit combines years of research and development to provide the user with reliable Rail RPE and PPE protection.

The PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator covers protection in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection. Users can also implement Sonis® ear defenders for complete security above the neck, ensuring advanced defence in harsh environments. This high quality 4-in-1 respirator also offers an incredibly high respiratory protection to TH3, with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40) – the highest rating possible – so the wearer can always be perfectly assured of their safety.

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