Zenith Survey is determined to be the best, and with an investment of over £5 million, our hire and sales fleet is modern, up-to-date and features highly praised industry favourites that not only meet, but exceed the challenges faced by you and your staff. Confidence in our equipment is at the forefront of our priorities, so that you can always feel assured that you're receiving steadfast, quality products. 

Have a browse below at our new, high quality equipment and industry front-runners!

Mini-Cam Proteus Pipeline Inspection Crawler - acclaimed performance & safety 

Mini-Cam's Proteus Crawler is an entry-level modular system for the pipeline inspection market. A robust, lightweight and extremely powerful six-wheel drive, steerable crawler, the Proteus offers everything needed for professional pipeline inspection. The Proteus ATEX crawlers have been engineered, built and tested for safe use in some of the most dangerous situations, without compromising on any of the features and benefits of our other Proteus crawlers. With ATEX approval, these crawlers make working in ZONE 2 and other explosion-risk environments much easier and safer than alternative methods, giving you a clear, sharp eye into the unknown, without introducing risk through use of electronic devices.

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XTIRPA Extended Reach Davit Arm Trench System - uncompromising high quality & innovation

The XTIRPA system is part of our personal protection equipment range intended to act as a support structure or anchor for use in fall protection, work positioning and rescue within confined spaces. Featuring a fully adjustable jib arm, users have the choice of three work positions ranging from 7cm - 121cm, this greater versatility offers the ideal solution for applications where greater reach is needed.

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Leica LS15 Digital Level - the highest accuracy for setting out & defining reference heights

Leica LS15 Digital Level alleviates demanding levelling tasks on any site. Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2mm accuracy allow users to easily demonstrate their measuring skills while effectively completing any project.

From autofocus to touchscreen displays with clean layouts, the entire measurement process is made more efficient with the Leica LS15. Common levelling errors, such as misreading the staff or transcription mistakes, are worries of the past. Providing the most reliable results from immediately understandable line flows with image-supported colour visuals, this levelling solution makes the professional’s daily tasks a more enjoyable experience.

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Draeger X-Zone Area Gas Detector - portable gas detection system for flexible area monitoring 

The Draeger X-AM 8000 is a multi-gas detector capable of detecting up to seven toxic and flammable gasses, as well as vapours and oxygen at the same time, either in pump or diffusion mode. Innovative signalling design and easy-to-use functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

Handy and durable, the Draeger X-AM 8000 is intuitive to operate single-handedly using three function keys. The easy-to-read colour display clearly lays out all the information for the user.

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PowerCap® Infinity® - decades of innovation brings us the game changer in RPE & PPE protection 

4 in 1 Protection
PowerCap® Infinity®
 is the very latest in PAPR technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head,eye and face protection. Sonis® ear defenders can also be added to complete the wearer's above the neck protection.

TH3 Performance
PowerCap® Infinity® offers respiratory protection to TH3, with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40). TH3 is the highest possible rating in the EN 12491:1998 + A2:2008 standard.

User Responsive Smart PPE
Real time diagnostics monitor the system and the wearer twice per second, giving the user accurate, dynamic feedback. Periods of high respiratory demand are monitored and catered for by constantly maintaining a positive pressure inside the respirator. Feedback is given on battery and filter condition via the heads-up display and audible notifications.

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Datum NE-1L Laser Level - measurement made easy

The new Datum NE-1L Laser Level is our most advanced electronic laser level in the Datum laser range, capable of self-levelling in either horizontal, vertical or plumb, making the NE-1L one of the easiest on the market to use.

Designed with the user and simplicity in mind, this laser’s internal electronics makes light work of the most complex tasks, with the press of one button the laser levels in both X and Y axis, fast and efficiently and is ready to work in under 10 seconds.

Fitted with the latest red diode technology the NE-1L Laser Level displays an incredibly sharp, bright, red laser line, required when using for indoor applications such as suspended ceilings, curtain and dry walling, partitioning and flooring applications.


Datum DM40 Laser Distance Meter - simple & precise measurement results every time

Measure and calculate distance at the press of a button with the Datum DM40 Laser Distance Meter up to a maximum distance of 40metres; the model is also available for distances up to 15 metres and 20 metres. On the DM40 model, an additional button allows users to measure and calculate areas and volumes, making this the ultimate budget tool for building surveyors and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

The innovative device allows the user to change between metric and imperial units, along with the option to select the tracking mode quickly and precisely by the one button operation, all to an accuracy of ±3mm and a crystal LCD screen displaying to a unit of 1mm. Its minimal functions and reliable results ensures that users can complete their projects efficiently without the hassle, and the results can be easily read off of the clear display.

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