Zenith Survey Equipment introduce the Radiodetection RD1000+ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), designed to locate underground utilities including non-conductive materials such as plastic pipes.

RadioDetection RD1000+

Now available at Zenith Survey Equipment, the RadioDetection RD1000+ has many advanced features including one-touch image recording, allowing the user to document findings and save images to a compact flash card. In addition, the Radiodetection GPR system is robust and durable with a weatherproof construction that can operate in almost any terrain.

GPR works by transmitting pulses of energy into the ground. When these waves hit a buried object, they are reflected and travel times analysed to provide information on material type and depth.

RadioDetection RD1000+ GPR


Used for displaying an image map of subsurface features and for pipe avoidance applications, GPR is ideal for utility surveyors but has a variety of other uses within archaeology, construction, agriculture, forensics, highway maintenance and land surveying.

The RadioDetection RD1000+ GPR at Zenith Survey Equipment is now available for sales or hire, an exciting and powerful tool designed to perform in the most challenging of underground survey tasks. When paired with a Cable Avoidance Tool, users can build a clear picture of buried utilities.