Building on the innovative features of the popular CAT4 series, Radiodetection launch the new gCAT4 range with integrated GPS tracking and logging facilities, now available at Zenith Survey on our hire fleet or for purchase.

The locating industry use Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) to locate and avoid buried utilities before excavation work is carried out, improving locate operations and minimising the risk of cable strikes. The new Radiodetection gCAT4 and gCAT4+ models have the added functionality of fully integrated and automatic GPS in addition to enhanced data logging and data analysing capabilities. With the new RadioDetection gCAT4, you can log how an operator used the CAT Locator and also where it was used with the built in Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS) receiver acquiring multiple satellite systems and providing positional data which is logged every second to the CAT's internal memory.


Over a year's worth of usage data can be reviewed with these data logging capabilities, allowing a fleet manager to assess individual locate operations and identify cable avoidance training needs, helping reduce cable strikes and meet industry insurance guidelines. Along with the SWING Warning feature, the best possible practice can be adapted and safety can be improved.

Available now to order from Zenith, Radiodetection's new GPS CAT range includes the gCAT4 and gCAT4+ models, both with the full range of advanced features including StrikeAlert, CALSafe, Service Due Indicator and Bluetooth as well as the internal GPS and data acquisition. The RadioDetection gCAT4+ model also features depth estimation.


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