The Datum DMD360 Machine Control Detectors - with their clamp fixing system - are designed for digging applications where only indicate control is required. Expect a speedy set up with the Clamp or Magnetic mount versions, truly a worker’s best friend!



Available to buy from Zenith Survey, the DMD360C has super bright coloured LED elevation indicators for when light is limited, meaning you can get the job done even in deprived lighting. The clamp version is incredibly user-friendly, simply attach the DMD360C to an excavator arm or to the blade of a dozer. Supplied with an extremely strong clamp fixing system, this Machine Control Detector is remarkably secure – maximising efficiency on the job. 



Ideal for Use with Our Datum Rotating Laser Range!


Take your pick with our great selection of rotating lasers which provide a simple method of transferring levels around a site. Use alongside the DMD360C for applications including cut and fill, foundations, forms and footings along with many other general grading applications.


Our Top Features of the Datum DMD360C Machine Control Detector


  360 Degree Reception

  Clamp Mount for Secure Fitting

  LEDs for Clear Display

  Internal Cabin Display

  Water and Dust Resistant

  Built in Rechargeable Batteries

  40 Hours Operating Time

  15 Hours Charging Time


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