The C.Scope SD100 Security Metal Detector has an extremely high performance in order to meet the growing needs of the expanding security industry. The SD100 is more than just a metal detector, it is a potential life saver; its powerful capabilities helps in the search for possible dangerous objects hidden about the person.


“The SD100 is the indispensable metal detector for the security professional.”  - C.Scope

Dangers lie even with the smallest of objects – such as needles and thin blades – so C.Scope has upped the benchmark on technology and quality. The user is alerted to the presence of a potential harmful item by a clear audio tone and illuminated LED, and its detector blade is the perfect shape for both rummage and body search. Expect no less than the maximum technology to take on those who pose a threat to others; the SD100 is available to buy at Zenith Survey. 


Top Features 


  400g Weight Including Battery

  9V IEC Type 6F22 Battery

  10 Hours Typical Operation Time

  Push Button Controls

  425mm x 85mm x 25mm dimensions  

  Indicators Include Target Detection Loudspeaker/Headphone and LED, Low Sensitivity Level Conformation and Low Battery


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