With 30 years’ experience, Radiodetection has built upon a brand that consists of innovative design and expert knowledge. That means, with the Radiodetection gCAT4+, professionals will always acquire the very best in cable detection. What makes the gCAT4+ stand out from its predecessors is the on-board data acquisition, which logs key locate parameters every second to help identify training needs. Find more buried utilities – faster. 

Detect Faster, Dig Safely 

It is absolutely paramount that safety is a priority when dealing with dangerous cabling. Features of the gCAT4+ include a number of applications designed to support safe working and help drive utility strike rates down. StrikeAlert warns the operator of shallow buried utilities, while the SWING warning alerts of incorrect usage patterns, encouraging corrective action. The gCAT4+ also integrates an internal GPS/GNSS receiver which adds positional data to log records showing not only how the user was working, but also where the CAT was being used.

A great feature of the gCAT4+ is the innovative Avoidance Mode, which allows the user to check an excavation area for power, radio and Genny4 signals and identify the located utilities – all in one simple scan. The bargraph ‘tidemark’ enables the user to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor. Another remarkable feature of the gCAT4+ is the Dynamic Overload Protection, which automatically filters out high levels of interference and allows users to continue working even in electrically noisy areas such as substations and under high-voltage cables – and requires no input from the user.

Our Top Features of the Radiodetection gCAT4+

  Built in GPS

  Data Logging

  SWING Warning



  Service Due Indicator

  Bluetooth (future use)

  Depth Estimation


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