The multipurpose Leica Rugby 640G is one of the toughest rotating lasers, suitable for all construction applications. Level, align and square much faster than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime. When levelling and aligning in and around buildings, green beams are four times easier to see than a red beam – the green beam is visible for 30m without the receiver. 

From installing drywall to working on suspended ceilings and raised floors, this universal laser ensures personnel get the job done quickly and accurately. An IP67 protection and up to 60 hours operating time make these lasers the most trusted and rugged choice for any interior or exterior project. The Rugby 640G also features Scan 90, which makes layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left or right side, and an automatic and accurate plum down direction for alignment over a reference point.

The Leica Rugby 640G Rotating Laser comes with the Leica Rod Eye 120G, which has a digital read-out ability for convenient offset readings and ensures the Rugby 640G will have outstanding operating range. The versatile Rugby 640G performs reliably outdoors, even in freezing temperatures and difficult conditions.

Enjoy full flexibility when levelling, aligning and squaring in and around buildings in both inside and outside environments when you choose the most trusted choice for any interior project.


   Green beam technology

   Integrated sleep mode 

   Weight: 2.56kg

   Plumb up

   IP67 protection

   Supplied with the Rod Eye 120G Receiver and Clamp


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