The most challenging projects demand the very best in accuracy and reliability – Leica has delivered the solution. Available to hire or buy at Zenith Survey, the Leica LS15 Digital Level offers the comfort and reliability professionals require and features Bluetooth, autofocus and an intuitive colour touch screen. With the LS15, you can rest assured that common levelling errors are a thing of the past.

Comfort and Confidence

With over 25 years’ experience in developing digital levels, Leica fully understands what professionals need to get highly focused tasks completed confidently on a daily basis. With any doubt on the job, industry leaders are there to offer support for challenging levelling projects, so you can always get the job done quickly and efficiently. Leica have a commitment to comfort and confidence, and the LS15 definitely delivers on their promise. It is incredibly easy to transfer your field data to the office via Bluetooth or USB, and Leica’s Infinity software processes the data hassle free. Leica’s Infinity software is impressively intuitive, granting the user the ability to easily combine text or tables with graphics of complex levelling data and survey different projects on the go. Wherever you are, whenever you need them – your accurate data is always waiting.  


Reliable Results

Expect unrivalled reliability with the LS15, the automated functions and remarkable industry-leading 2.0mm accuracy to standard Invar staffs means professionals always retain the highest efficiency of work. Precision begins by using the electronic level bubble to set up instruments. The user-friendly interface only requires one button press for automatic tilt checks to be made prior to each measurement – maximising accuracy and decreasing the possibility of common errors. Integrated autofocus not only finds your target faster, it increases measurement accuracy by maximising contrast of the staff.



Our Top Features of the Leica LS15 Digital Level


  0.2mm or 0.3mm Height Accuracy with Invar Staff /15mm at 30m Distance Accuracy

  Autofocus Typically 4 Sec

  Overview Camera

  Bluetooth Connectivity

  30,000 Measurement Internal Memory and USB Support

  3.6” Colour Touch Screen

  IP55 Dust/Water Protection


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