The Leica LMR360R Machine Receiver is ideal for all visual machine control applications with its built-in vertical indicator and 360° reception. The LMR360R will detect any rotating laser, from any angle – making it the perfect solution for construction use.


Available to purchase from Zenith Survey, the Leica LMR360R has a plumb LED indicator, seven coarse or nine fine display channels, and a rugged and waterproof casing which provides the ultimate protection – the Leica LMR360R is superbly designed for digging applications. This machine receiver also offers the option between clamps or magnetic mounts, and the supplied rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours running time, so users can expect an increase in efficiency and productivity!


Placing the machine receiver in vertical position ensures consistent and accurate grade readings, which ultimately saves money owing to the reduced over or under-cutting. The built-in vertical indicator signals if the plumb is under or over-extended, so you can be rest assured that the angle of the dipper stick is always monitored and the receiver is in vertical position.


The LMR360R has LED indicators which can be turned off for simpler display or longer battery life. The indicators show the position of the cutting edge in relation to the laser reference beam. The robust, waterproof construction and built-in shock mounts minimise machine vibrations, which makes the machine receiver ideal for use in tough site conditions.



  Operating radius: 200m

  IP67 protection

  Rechargeable NiMH battery: 30 hours

  Charging time: 12 hours

  Weight (without clamps): 1.8kg

  Clamps or magnetic brackets

  360° reception

  LEDs for clear display


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