Construction. Civil engineering. Surveying and mapping. The Leica FlexLine TS03 does it all. This revolutionary total station is ideal for standard measuring tasks, allowing users to benefit from its intuitive software, long durability and low cost of ownership.

Leica Flexline Plus Total Stations utilise the latest Leica technology to provide hardware and software options for the highest productivity and performance on-site. Impressive features of the Leica Flexline Total Station include a Laser Plummet for simple and fast set-ups, lithium-Ion batteries providing long, reliable working times and an ergonomically designed keyboard for fast data input. Surveyance has never been so easy.


Replacing FlexLine instruments that were launched more than a decade ago, the TS03 has been painstakingly developed with great care and thoroughness – surpassing its predecessor in more ways than one to deliver a masterpiece in measurement. The durability of the TS03, which features new and enhanced environmental protection, enables the instrument to not only deliver high-quality and precise measurements, but also deliver these results under extreme conditions. The impressive performance of the FlexLine total stations ensures complete reliance and ease for the user, strengthening its acclaimed reputation as a preeminent total station for measurement, survey and layout tasks.

The Leica TS03 is the perfect entry level FlexLine Total Station. It offers the necessary features of a total station – such as basic functionalities and a black-and-white screen – so that users get exactly what they need without paying extra for expendable functions. Nevertheless, the TS03 passed the quality testing with flying colours, granting this formidable total station with the worthy title of outstanding beginner instrument for the construction and surveyance industry. Get quality on a budget, get the Leica TS03 FlexLine Total Station on hire from just £70 per week.


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