For sharp, bright beams choose the Datum DPL5+ Automatic Spot Line Laser. The DPL5+ is remarkably user-friendly and fulfils alignment work quick and easy. This cost effective line laser is perfect for those thinking of upgrading their laser level to one with more functions and greater accuracy. 


Available to buy from Zenith Survey, the Datum DPL5+ Cross Line Laser produces two bright red horizontal and vertical laser line beams for alignment work, as well as five spot beams for setting out 90 degree angles quickly and simply. These spot beams can be used in conjunction with the horizontal and vertical line alignment beams if required.

The DPL5+ accurately and automatically levels itself for easy one button operation owing to its built-in compensator, and all functions are easily selectable using only two buttons. This versatile line laser is a pulse beam instrument that can be used externally with the Datum Pulse Laser Detector included in the kit for a working range of up to 120m. Professional Builder, the UK's biggest magazine for the building trade, states that the DPL5+ “Is close, very close, to being the only laser you will ever need.”


“It is close, very close, to being the only laser you will ever need.”

                                             -Professional Builder  


The DPL5+ is extensively used for interior applications such as tiling, wall partitions, ceilings, door frames, flooring and conduit fitting. By selecting the dot option, users can set out squares and plumb up from floor to ceiling with five dots that are side to side, backwards and up and down at right angles to each other.

The standard kit ensures the DPL5+ has an impressive array of accessories, including the Datum DPL5+ Automatic Spot Line Laser, magnetic mount, laser glasses, detector, clamp, mini tripod, 360° trivet and a tough carry case.

Now on sale, the Datum DPL5+ Automatic Spot Line Laser is an incredible £145.00, saving you a huge £150! 

Top Features


   One button operation

   Built-in compensator

   10m range with laser, 120m range with pulsed detector

   Up to 20 hours operation time with alkaline batteries

   Accuracy: +/-1mm per 3m

   Plumb beam

   Datum 2 year warranty

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