Get the equipment you need with no large cash outlay with our product leasing options.

What is leasing?

One of the most popular forms of business finance in the UK, equipment leasing is a vital tool for all businesses looking to expand. Leasing gives you all the benefits of owning equipment without the expensive downsides. Save your precious cash reserves and use the latest equipment now with monthly payments designed to suit you.

Why lease equipment?

At Zenith, we know that your workload may change faster than your budget, making it difficult to keep up with competitors in a market of modern, high technology kit.

Leasing lets you upgrade your equipment straightaway without waiting for the cash to be available, so you can secure larger contracts and let your business grow.

There are no large up-front costs associated with leasing. Pay for the equipment you need in fixed monthly payments that won’t change regardless of interest rates and budget with confidence for the life of the agreement.

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