The Leica Rod Eye Family- the perfect partner to the Leica Rugby laser series.

With the launch of the Leica Rugby laser series, Leica Geosystems have produced a top quality product line of robust, reliable and accurate laser levels.

Naturally, an impressive laser portfolio needs the perfect laser receiver to work seamlessly together, and the Leica Rod Eye family offers the solution for any general construction and interior application.

Leica Rod Eye detectors can be supplied in Leica Rugby laser kits or purchased separately with options ranging from the Rod Eye Basic to the Rod Eye 180.

Leica Rod Eye Basic- low price laser detector offering great value for all general construction applications.

Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic- gives a high application performance with strobe rejection and a 1350m working diameter.

Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital- great for general construction jobs and interior applications with mm accuracy and strobe rejection.

Leica Rod Eye 180 Digital RF- top of the range laser receiver with mm accuracy, strobe rejection, digital readout and integrated radio remote functionality.