The latest addition to the DISTO family now available at Zenith!

Leica Geosystems launches the DISTO D410, adding to the popular Leica DISTO range of laser measuring tools. The Leica DISTO D410 makes outdoor distance measurement easy with its digital Pointfinder, targeting and measuring distances even when the laser dot is not visible.

Now available for sale at Zenith Survey, this handheld laser measure device is loaded with features to save you time and money, making your job easier. Obstructions such as walls and hedges are not an issue with the Smart Horizontal mode, providing instant, accurate results with just one measurement enough for the required horizontal distance to appear on the display. Outstanding waterproof and dust protection to IP65 means you can use the DISTO D410 in all weather conditions and it can be easily cleaned under running water.

With this new DISTO laser distance meter, Leica continues to improve and advance the laser distance measurement range whilst retaining the functionality and first-class quality you can expect from a Leica product. Like alternative models in the Leica DISTO family, this outdoor distance measure tool is tested to approved accuracies and high standards. You can be sure of a reliable performance with the D410's 150m range and ± 1 mm accuracy not just in perfect test conditions but for everyday site use. 

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