What does an automatic laser do?

The Datum DUO is a versatile laser level designed for all interior and exterior levelling applications. The fully automatic rotating laser is suitable for finding the height difference between two or more points with the included laser detector picking up the beam when you cannot see it. 

Can I use it outside?

The Datum DUO is easy to set up for exterior use. With your tripod head positioned around chest height and the legs approximately two feet apart, keep the tripod head as level as possible and attach the laser. You can then press the power on key and the laser will automatically self level and rotate. 

What does the detector do?

 The included detector picks up the laser beam when it is difficult to see in certain lighting conditions (e.g outside). Once attached to the staff, switch the detector on and slide it up or down on the staff towards the laser beam. Use the arrows on the display to get the detector to the level position.

The Datum LS-6  or LS-8  detector also features a rapid beep to guide you and a continuous beep when level. Take the staff reading and then move on to your second point and repeat the process to get your second reading. Take one reading from the other to get the difference in level.

 Can I use it inside?

The DUO is suitable for interior use with either a tripod or a wall mount. The wall mount can be screwed to the wall or clamped to the trim. You can use the laser keypad or the remote control to set the rotation speed or set the laser to scan a particular area. 

To use the laser in vertical mode, turn the laser on its side and level it using the bulls eye bubble above the keypad. Turn the laser on and stop the beam with the beam rotation speed key. You can set the DUO to give out 90 degree beams and use the slope keys or remote to align the line beam.