What does an Automatic Level do?

An Automatic Level provides the height (level) difference between two or more points. Datum AL Optical Levels have varying specifications with our popular AL24 Level offering 24x magnification and an approximate accuracy of +/-2.0mm (Std. Dev. per double km run).

One person takes the reading and one person holds the staff. For a one-man setup, you can use an optional staff stand.

How do I set the Level up?

Set up your tripod with the head around chin height and the legs approximately two feet apart. Keep the tripod head level.

Attach the level to the tripod head and use the foot screws to centre the bullseye bubble.

Sight the staff and ensure the cross hairs are in focus by adjusting the Reticule Focus Ring and that the staff is in focus by adjusting the focus knob.

How do I take a Reading?

Make sure the staff is vertical with the vertical cross hair. The blocks on the staff go up in 10mm intervals so you take the reading with the horizontal cross hair and estimate the mm. The reading in the below example is 0.398m.

You can also use the stadia hairs to work out how far the staff is away from you by subtracting the bottom hair reading from the top hair reading and multiplying by 100. In the example you would subtract 0.320 from 0.475 to get 0.155. If you multiply 0.155 by 100 you get a distance of 15.5m.